Statements from the internet: TESO too difficult and unfair?

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    I know that there were threads here that had a similar, not the same topic. There were no answers possible because closed.


    Certainly there was some talk about what I write here now, but it is two years back and is certainly no longer correct or applicable in all respects.

    I myself am a longtime player at TES and have also had some experience with MMO. Unfortunately, there is something to be noted at the MMO (I have already experienced it at TESO), which has more than once taken my fun:

    Other players who have nothing to do but bother, stand in the foreground, romp around wildly and hold duels in the entrance of the bank where I just want to deposit my money. :cool:

    But that is not my topic but:

    I read again and again in other forums, which I like to visit as a guest, the TESO of the entire complex is too heavy and extremely unfair.
    Stop!! Come back down, you have to see that in a certain context. The accusation comes mainly from players who travel alone on the world and dare alone in vaults where they then have to cope alone with a final boss.

    So, how do I tell my children? Best in the first person as a narrator.

    ESO or TESO (which is correct?) Is from the plant yes a multiplayer game. It means you can play it with others, but it does not have to (always). But how do you see that?
    Will I now be forced to visit a dungeon only if accompanied by opponents who are far superior to me? I've heard there's a scaling system that lifts me as a player to a level that matches the rest of a group and the level of the dungeon when I join this group. For me: I'm level 8, the rest of the group around 12 to 15 and in the dungeon waiting boss level 15. Then yes I would raised to the level and have a chance.

    I wonder, why not recognize the game when I go alone in a dungeon I can not handle the strength of the enemy alone? Why is there no scaling here? Okay, I see there's a lot of programming. No, TESO lets me run into the dungeon and then I stand there and amazed. There are felt there are 40 ghosts and ghost warriors in mostly groups of 2 or 3, plus countless wolves, goblins and other unfriendly creatures. Yes, that's right, the quest marker is at the very bottom of the cave and I have to pass them by now.

    Now I read about it from the other players: This is unfair, unbalanced, has no relation to what I can get.
    (I myself unobtrusively turn around in the spot, look into the inventory if there is still enough money and if so, I'll beam myself to the next path shrine and level up, the dungeon will not run away but also, if there are still two others in there too and I play with them, then they attack me partially, probably with the thought: He takes something away from me.)

    But, and I admit that openly, I have also thought several times: Actually, they are right. That's not balanced, that's unfair.

    Don't put your blame on me, I've always been an offline game player and this is a whole new experience for me.

    But I also came to brooding. Is the statement correct?
    Is TESO unfair to single players? how do you see it?
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