Übersetzung Oblivion Uncut 1.8

Wiederherstellung von verworfenen Inhalten, die es nicht in das fertige Spiel geschafft haben.

Name: Oblivion Uncut
Autor: elderscrolliangamer
Übersetzer: Raubkopiesäbel
Version: 1.8
Kategorie: Quests- und Abenteuer
Link zur Original-Mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47191/?

Oblivion Uncut ist eine Mod, die es sich zum Ziel macht, das Verlorene wieder ans Licht zu bringen. Dabei handelt es sich nicht um neue Inhalte per se, sondern viel mehr um Inhalte, die bereits vorhanden sind, es aber nicht ins fertige Spiel geschafft haben.

Der Autor hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, diese teilweise nur noch aus Brotkrumen bestehenden Hinweise zu finden und wieder einzugliedern und so gibt es allerhand neue Dialoge, NPCs, Rüstungen, aber auch neue Ort und Questoptionen, die es so in Oblivion hätte geben sollen, aber nie gab. Besonderes Highlight: ihr habt nun endlich die Möglichkeit einige Feiertage gebührend zu zelebrieren.

1. Entpackt das Archiv und kopiert den Inhalt in das Oblivion\Data Verzeichnis.
2. Wählt im Launcher bzw. Mod Manager die Oblivion Uncut.esp aus.

Löscht alle entpackten Dateien der Mod aus dem Oblivion\Data Verzeichnis.

Vielen Dank an elderscrolliangamer für die Erlaubniss zum Übersetzen :)
Vielen Dank an Numenorean, dafür das ich für 3 neue Bücher seine Übersetzung verwenden durfte :)

**Changelog (English)**

1.8 Additions:
New quest: 'MS07', dubbed 'The Cat, the Wizard and the Hero'. Talk to Gilgondorin in Silverhome-on-the-Water about 'Bravil' to start.
New cave, Soul Bound Cave, outside Leyawiin - contains three zones.
Evangeline Beanique, Ocato's personal guard, now actually guards him during the day and has a life outside the White Gold Tower.
Implemented 'Caius Cosades' Letter' at Kvatch Camp.
Implemented two books: 'Visit to Uriel VII's Tomb' to Cloud Ruler Temple and levelled lists and 'The Dreadful Theft of the Sun's Dusk Ale' to First Edition and levelled lists.
Restored original name for the quest 'Vampire Cure'. It's now called 'Till Death Do They Part'.
New spell icons for: Summon Skeleton Champion, Disintegrate Armour and Command Creature.
Restored Martin and Dremora yield dialogue, as flee dialogue: 'I yield'

1.8 Fixes:
Fixed some broken dialogue
Fixed an incorrect mesh path
Corrected Owyn & Tunengore's schedules, also slightly adjusted the bloodworks
Corrected spelling error in one of the leaflets
Fixed issue with Uriel's farewell dialogue failing to play.

Original Additions:
Quest 'MS25', dubbed Broken Promises; involves helping a man named Strantus. To start, listen in on conversations in Chorrol. :)
Cancelled DLC - Holidays: Hearts Day and New Life Festival (Coming Soon - Jester Day)
Castle Varaldo, in the mountains near the Morrowind border, with Duke Varaldo, staff and guards.
2 alternate endings to 'Where Spirits have Lease' (and added the rumours)
Alternate end to Legacy Lost - restored dialogue and journal entry
New Male Elf Dark Brotherhood Member, Enrintar, who uses over 4 minutes of unused dialogue.
Restores and re-implements the unused portions of Unmarked Cave, the Mazeway and Black Queen's Hall!
Added Minor, Major, Greater and Superior Bound Armour to various merchants including Athragar, Edgar Vautrine and Calindil.
Unused 'yield' dialogue for npcs re-added as new flee dialogue
Created 'Vanashti's Fighters', a mercenary group in Leyawiin, based on previously unused rumours. Vanashti, her brother Vashanti, Krisie
and Aebin Cheyello are all members. They lead full lives, including exploring various local ruins, have unique dialogue and visit other towns!
Delmingo, an Argonian in Leyawiin and his rumours (Unique Dialogue & full Schedule)
Lerexus Callidus' unused Dialogue and new schedules
Jauffre's cut schedule and life before Weynon Priory is attacked.
More Jauffre dialogue for Prior Maborel and Brother Piner. (He's asleep, he's reading, he's praying, etc)
Viera Lerus is now a guard, but retains her unique greeting; something Bethesda was incapable of doing in the vanilla game.
Lumdum gro-Golpok, Orc in the Imperial City (Unique Greeting & full Schedule)
Gwendolyn, Redguard who plays a part in Permenant Retirement, in the Imperial CIty (Full Schedule)
Wears-Silk-Robes, Argonian Bravil Fighter's Guild member, with rumours about him 'wanting more fighters' (Full Schedule)
Countess Valga's Gambling Addiction and rumours
E3 Estelle Renoit and her dog Thunder
Stable Guards in Anvil, Bravil & Cheydinhal
Hallgerda, Altmer in Cheydinhal (Full Schedule)
Unused Imperial Guards in Arena, Arbourteum and Elven Gardens.
Dro'fahr, Argonian in Anvil (Full Schedule)
Victoria Delacroix, a Breton in the Imperial City (Full Schedule)
Luc Thierault, a Breton in Skingrad (Full Schedule)
Breton, Redguard, Elf and Nord Guard rumours and attack dialogue to Ulrich Leland, Burd, Bittneld the Curse Bringer, Gogan, Neville (attacks only) and Merandil.
A 'corpse' line of dialogue for every race, that was previously guard exclusive, but recorded for all races - 'Oh my goodness, excuse me are you alright I...by the Divines, this person's dead'!
Strantus, an Imperial Nobleman in Chorrol (Full Schedule and rumours)
Dark Brotherhood members leave the sanctuary and undercover dialogue for Vicente Valteri, M'raaj-Dar, Antoinetta Marie, Teinaava, Gogron and Ocheeva.
Line of 'info refusal' dialogue for Martin, regarding his past.
A 'murder' line of dialogue for every race, 'Man down, man down!'
Unused greeting for Mivryna Arano
2 lines of 'goodbye' dialogue for Aldos Othran and 2 for Ulrich Leland in Corruption and Conscience
The Emperor's original final speech, with additions from the vanilla version.(Compatible with UOP)

Previous Update Additions (1.1 - 1.7):
A new npc, Tunengore, who lives and trains in the Bloodworks. (He also appeared in Morrowind, and this restored npc in based off him.)
4 ingredients, Mint, Poppy Seeds, Belladonna Berries and Sage, which have been implemented into leveled lists and shops.
The rare beverage 'Cyrodillic Whiskey', which has been implemented into leveled lists and shops.
Reynald Jemane now visits Jauffre, who raised him as a child, several times a week, as he was originally supposed to.
Owyn now eats and sleeps, as he was originally supposed to.
New npcs: Sifahur, Randal, Meryaran and Oghat gro-Othmuk, all in Chorrol, with schedules left by Bethesda (that i tweaked, as some were broken)
Restored over TEN minutes of dialogue! Includes 6 new lines for Jauffre, 8 for Savlian Matius and 10 new arena rumours for every race!
A Breton named Savure, who lives in the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn.
New models and icons for Restore and Fortify Health and Magicka potions.
5 versions of the 'Lock' spell, which was in Morrowind, but cut from Oblivion. They're available from merchants including Edgar Vautrine, Raminus Polus and Delphine Jend. It also has a unique icon.
Created a 'Open Very Hard Lock' spell, to go with the lock very hard spell, named 'Deadbolt'.
Re-implemented 3 unused Birthsign abilities, Beggar's Nose for the Tower, Mooncalf for the Shadow and Lady's Grace for the Lady.
Carahil will now give you the 'Minor Frost Shield' spell in the 'Anvil Recommendation' quest, as she was originally intended to.
Added 3 versions of the Darkness spell to various merchants. At this point it's still a work in progress, but the spell does work and has an icon. I just need to get it to work like Chameleon and hide the player from npcs. It's included for testing purposes only. :)
Restored 4 lines of dialogue to Bongond regarding Kvatch.
Added the Rough Leather armor set to vendors, including previously unused pieces.
Added the Rusty Iron armor set to vendors, including previously unused pieces.
Over 15 new shop 'handbills', that were previously unused; also renamed all shop handbills to '(Shop Name) Leaflet', to make them stand out.
Created new Shop Leaflets for Cheydinhal, since none were ever made. Also placed more of the scarce leaflets in game.
Added the unused Imperial Villa, which is now the home of Lerexus Callidus after 'Raid On Greyland', in accordance with his new dialogue about 'relaxing in the imperial city'. (IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED THIS QUEST, YOU'LL HAVE TO MANUALLY RE-ENABLE LEREXUS VIA THE CONSOLE!)
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