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  1. Elandra_MynShuryan

    Elandra_MynShuryan Vertrauter

    Ja, ich wohne doch auch in Ostholstein, Luftlinie gut 18km vom Ostseestrand entfernt. ;) (Bin aber erst 2009 zugezogen.)

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  2. sh-looser

    sh-looser Reisender

    Finde ausgesprochen Gut:

    Ist zwar nicht das,was ich sonst höre,aber gut.
  3. Tohawk

    Tohawk Moderator Mitarbeiter

  4. Senuge

    Senuge Bürger

    Da bei mir derzeit nicht viel Neues zum Vorstellen ansteht, nehme ich einfach mal etwas aus dem Repertoire meiner Liebsten heraus, da sind ebenso recht schicke Sachen dabei :D

    The Drums - What You Where
  5. Amneris

    Amneris Ehrbarer Bürger

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  6. sh-looser

    sh-looser Reisender

    So,genug Allan Parson:
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  7. Soldiersmurf

    Soldiersmurf Freund des Hauses

  8. Soldiersmurf

    Soldiersmurf Freund des Hauses

  9. sh-looser

    sh-looser Reisender

    Wie in alten Tagen:
  10. Soldiersmurf

    Soldiersmurf Freund des Hauses

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  12. Soldiersmurf

    Soldiersmurf Freund des Hauses

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  13. Veterano

    Veterano Mr. Oblivion 2017

  14. Tohawk

    Tohawk Moderator Mitarbeiter

  15. Soldiersmurf

    Soldiersmurf Freund des Hauses

  16. AcidWizard

    AcidWizard Fremdländer

    Mag hier jemand Death Metal oder kennt die Band Slugdge?
    Die letzten drei Lieder dieses Albums haben mich echt umgehauen, als ich sie zum ersten mal gehört habe. Es ist letzten Monat erschienen. Bis dahin war es auf jeden Fall das in meinen Augen bisher beste Album des Jahres. :)

    Putrid Fairytale:
    Corrupt ignobility adorned in pilfered gold
    Conceived in sewage by insipid lords of old
    Inbred degenerates languish in squalid halls
    Impotent and superfluous, unable to uphold

    The basic tennets of the creed
    Usurpers vie to supersede
    A tired waning hegemony, long bereft of majesty

    Self-righteous justiciars desire to purify
    A world of lies, that seeks to purge the earth and sky
    Licentious seditionists; gorge as your planet burns
    From slime they came, and into slime they shall return

    Praise the primordial poison pools that gave us form
    To defy his decree, they dare to bite the hand that feeds

    The custodians have become the abuser
    Ignorant beings with arrogant ideas

    They loose a hail of arrows
    That scorch the eyes of all who gaze
    But it won't save them from the hell that waits

    Mythologised transcendance, a paradise is lost
    No deliverence from the dire cost

    They've chosen the form of the destructor
    More of slime than blood
    Their planet torn asunder by plutonium

    Mercury rising, the surface scorched
    They descend like rats into the bowels of earth

    Digging like roaches through a mire
    Of their own self indulgence
    Caught in a web of fate
    Too bloodless to escape

    No god can save you now
    For they have no power here
    Within these ashen crypts
    Of suffering and despair

    The flame ignited in it's heart
    A chain reaction tearing apart
    Reaching the critical mass
    The weapon of their futile vengeance

    The eye, ablaze with radiance
    That sears against your flesh
    Dread rumbling in the deep
    Signalling the impending death

    Blinded by a caustic storm
    The slamming of cyclopean doors
    Held aloft the orb ignites
    Nowhere to run now from the light

    Now standing in the presence of a foe conceived by alien gods
    Never again to feel the sun, it immolates you
    The Lifeage of the universe, a wind that sweeps the world away
    You feel the weight of every world bearing down on you

    Salt Thrower:
    Speak to darkness in your lowest ebb;
    Only silence
    There's no future, only past regrets
    Meditate on them

    Suspended in infinite blackness
    So numb, agony is no distraction
    Contempt for life replacing sadness

    Is this clarity or madness?
    Temporary energy and matter
    The will to live is irrevocably damaged

    A listless spirit wants to leave the world
    Sweet oblivion
    Vital essence grinding to a halt
    We are all at fault

    Falling from the creaking rafters
    Pressure, so much worse than you imagined
    Burning, death's umbilica unravels

    Drifting from his sweet embrace
    Gasping for breath, staring in the grave
    Only fear, as what little light left fades

    And on the pedestal, these words appear
    "Look on my works ye mighty, and despair!"

    Negated by the unbearable truth
    All-consuming psychotic fugue
    Fall to a lightless self-destructive end
    For there is a monster in the heart of all men

    Hearken to nightmares of futility enshrined
    In sleepless terrors born of the mind
    And upon the horizon of the waking world
    Time stands still

    Damnation is our destiny
    Existence is disease
    Our screams are the music of reality

    Relinquish all your earthly bonds
    And bow before the god of madness
    Let him untether you from pain
    Step outside the circle and be saved

    Crippled by the triviality, the insanity of existing
    A mockery; this master plan, crushed by the hand of fate

    No solace in this hopeless cycle
    At one with fear and the darkness
    Attain mastery over shadow
    Purge trepidation from your heart

    Your adversary is within, these mental chains are your prison
    Malignant love of your projected self; a toxic delusion

    Chaos, decay, withering away
    The sense of self, starting to fade

    Limo vincit omnia:
    High upon that blasted, fortified plateau
    Within their sanctuary of salt and sorrow

    Morbid throngs march to the call of umbral gods
    Outside comprehension

    Dark crusade, from deathless realm they came
    To amalgamate dimensions

    Certa enim gloria
    Numquam non parata
    Deus noster pro nobis
    Limo vincit omnia

    Tainted youth, catechized legions of untruth
    Do they not yet comprehend?

    Now ensnared by the web of their deceit
    Acquiescent, servile, weak

    This ritual of loathsome conjuration
    Akashic machinations from shadow priests who utter
    The gathas of Mollusca
    That poisons our existence
    Between purity and putrescence they draw power

    The bloodshed of the ancestors
    Forsaken dead
    Sacrificed so the worlds might mend
    All filaments have opened
    The shadows bleed
    Infinity spewing forth from the gaping breach

    We shall dredge the depths of their pestiferous swamp
    And the last bastion of light shall fall into ruin

    Once besieged, the walls shall liquify beneath
    The force of Rhaexorog's harrowing screams

    Twin blasphemies; Kak and Ick shall come together
    To rouse their father from the nether
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  17. Veterano

    Veterano Mr. Oblivion 2017

    Ich bin an keine Richtung gebunden. Mir gefällt aber die erste Hälfte besser.

    Auch von mir ein Gruss an die Lady.
    Dorothy - Raise Hell
  18. Soldiersmurf

    Soldiersmurf Freund des Hauses

    Ich bin nun seit gut 40 Jahren ein Metalhead und Punk`n Roller, Deathmetal höre ich aber nur noch gelegendlich, das ist mir zu oft dolle. Man wird im Alter halt immer
    etwas mehr unwilder. :p

    ...oder doch nicht? :D

    NERVOSA - Kill The Silence
    Veterano gefällt das.
  19. AcidWizard

    AcidWizard Fremdländer

    Nervosa gefallen mir. Death Metal Bands mit ausschließlich weiblichen Mitgliedern findet man selten. Eigentlich ist es sogar erst die zweite Band, die ich kennen lerne, auf die dieses Kriterium zutrifft. :D

    Veterano gefällt das.
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